Undergraduates creating their vision boards to reflect goals This week I’ve been facilitating some creative goal setting sessions for undergraduates starting university. Although writing our goals  down helps us focus on what we want to achieve , I have found over the 6 years I’ve been leading vision-board sessions, that they are one of the most powerful tools for helping us connect with what drives us and keeping us motivated.

Leaders  throughout history have often been referred to as visionaries and ancient cave paintings depicting hunt scenes have often been thought to have been created to represent the desired outcome of the hunt and used as a visualisation tool to  motivate the hunters to succeed in catching and killing their  prey.

Because our  minds respond strongly to visual stimulation the practice of representing your goals with pictures and images that connect with your innermost desires and dreams acts to strengthen and stimulate your emotions .

Since emotion  or passion for what we desire in life is one of the most potent driving forces there is  its no wonder that creating a compelling visualisation of what we want in life has long been used by the likes of Oprah Winfrey and former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger motivate and inspire them to achieve. The saying “A picture paints a thousand words”  has never been more apt .

Vision-board sessions can be used help define an organisation’s values and mission,as a team bonding exercise, to help gain clarity on our emotions around certain issues that we are unable to easily verbalise or even generate new business ideas . In short the applications are endless. If you would like to hold a vision-board  session for your group or organisation contact me on 07455 160440 or email me elaine@bright-training.com