We are passionate about helping people reach their full potential and coaching is one of the most effective methods of achieving this.

We offer a range of coaching options from confidential 1-2-1 sessions for business leaders to team coaching sessions to improve performance and motivation.


We believe that the most effective training is inspiring engaging and fun.

We offer training specifically tailored to your organisational needs and work closely with you to ensure we understand your requirements and desired outcomes fully


We offer workshops on a range of topics including:-

Diversity & Cohesion

Effective Communication

The Nature of Customer Experience

Stress Management

Successful Selling

Customer Service

We were delighted with the training the team were provided with As a result of the training the team’s performance has increased and we are really starting to see the business benefits. 

Lisa Parrott

Head of Account Management, Eckoh Plc

The team from Bright Training provided a fantastic fun and interactive service, engaging with our students and providing them with a wide range of practical skills to prepare them for starting their university journey. A huge thanks to Elaine and John for all their hard work and dedication 

Alistair McKay

Membership and Activities manager London Metropolitan

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