The Nature of Customer Experience


Craig the Chameleon


The Nature of Customer Experience is a new and innovative training framework which will enhance delegates ability to  understand customer behaviour, attune to it and deliver excellent customer experience even in difficult situations by tailoring a positive response .

Combining high impact customer experience techniques with globally proven behavioural systems it transforms the way organisations and individuals think about the customer experience.

This little fellow depicted on the right is Craig the Chameleon whose qualities embody the ideas behind this engaging and powerful workshop.  He can change in response to the  different environments he finds himself in and is highly attuned to his surroundings . He is in short a master communicator !

By the end of the workshop you will:

  • Understand and be able to clearly articulate your customer experience from beginning to end
  • Learn the relevance of the needs, wants, expectations and feelings of your customers
  • Understand how expectations are set and why the characteristics of a Perfect experience need to be understood
  • Understand your own natural communication style and how that impacts the customer experience you deliver
  • Attune to customers with different behavioural styles and perspectives, across multiple channels
  • Know how to deliver an excellent customer experience, even in difficult situations, by tailoring a positive response.

The workshop can be tailored to your specific requirements and delivered in house. Contact us now for more information