Some of the exercises from a recent workshop at Dice Inc

Some of the exercises from a recent workshop at Dice Inc


The Four Elements:

TetraMap uses four elements of nature as a metaphor to describe behaviour differences:

  • Water  – the people people
  • Air – the systems people
  • Earth – the make it happen people
  • Fire – the creative people

TetraMap places the elements on a map so you can see how the elements connect with each other. There are no right or wrong – we each have a blend of preferences that can be different to others.

Understanding our preferences and understanding our work colleagues is the key to unlocking conflict issues. By understanding others, we can build better relationships. Better relationships means better results!

TetraMap  is a learning and development programme giving people a simple, practical and a proven approach to an increased understanding of themsleves and how to interact with others around them.

TetraMap of Nature: Earth-Air-Water-Fire


Through this empowering TetraMap programme you and your team will:

  • Understand why you and others behave the way we do
  • Improve communication and relate to each other more effectively
  • Understand and appreciate other’s unique skills and talents
  • Create and develop high performing teams
  • Reduce areas of conflict and misunderstanding
  • Foster greater collaboration and engagement

TetraMap provides:

  • More self awareness: preferences, communication styles, behaviours and motivations.
  • More understanding, less conflict with others who are different.
  • More appreciation of diversity, greater understanding of others’ perspectives.

Workshops are set in an Accelerated Learning context and are fast, fun, and promote creativity. Learners leave with effective new communications strategies and a life-long learning tool

We offer several workshops based on the TetraMap model :

Why are you like that? The nature of behaviour

The Why are you like that? workshop is the first step to understanding TetraMap. Participants will build self-esteem, understand differences, and improve communication skills.

Why are we like that? The nature of team

The next step is team development, moving towards building stronger,more capable, inter-dependent teams. This workshop is guaranteed to get the  team valuing perspectives other than their own, and understanding that diversity is essential to team strength