Visionboard Workshops

The practice of visualisation and creative collaging to create a vision or mood board  has been used by individuals and organisations around the world for many years as an effective self development tool.

During this uniquely creative process clients can  explore their ideas ,  their goals or  purpose , get inspiration for a new project or career , express and release  feelings and emotions or simply gain clarity and focus in their  lives.

Bright Training has facilitated a Vision board Workshops with clients ranging from businesses who wanted to create the “Big Picture” for a new product launch to academic institutes with  students who wanted create their vision and goals for their time at university.


Vision board Workshops are perfect for

  • Connecting with purpose and motivation
  • Training & self development
  • Relaxation and Stress management
  • Identifying and working through psychological  blocks
  • Defining goals and ambitions
  • Communicating ideas for product or service launches
  • Team building and communication

Many businesses already do some kind visioning as part of their strategic planning sessions. A vision board is really just an extension of that process, represented in images.

Media moguls and entrepreneurs such as Oprah Winfrey and Arnold Schwarzenegger have used vision boards to in order to get clarity and create compelling reminders of their goals.

If you have employees or partners, creating a vision board is a great group activity. You can get input from different minds and it helps get everyone focused on the big picture. You can create one big “group” vision board for a department to reflect common goals or a mission statement or let each team member create their own based on their role or goals for the year.

Contact  me on 07455 160440 or email if you would like more information of holding a vision board workshop for your group or organisation.