There has been much written and many theories presented on the subject of motivation over the years. One thing that is true for all of us is that if we are not motivated we don’t get things done but there are times when getting and sustaining your motivational mojo can be a real challenge.

Here are 5 strategies that can help!bigstock-Attitude-concept-in-word-tag-c-32717816

1. Vision
One of the most effective ways to get and stay motivated is to create a clear and compelling vision of your goals and one of the most powerful ways to do this is to create a vision board.

Many organisations already do some kind visioning exercise as part of their strategic planning sessions. I have run vision board sessions as part of team building exercises and to generate business and product ideas. Once you have created yours put it somewhere you will see it every day so that you are constantly reminded of and inspired by what you want to achieve.

2. Why?

We are all motivated by different things, whether it is money, power, love appreciation recognition or something else doesn’t matter. Connecting with your “why” is really about understanding and identifying your values and what matters to you, after all it’s hard to be motivated by something we don’t care about.

3. Believe

According to Vroom’s expectancy theory there are two component parts of motivation: what a person wants to achieve and their expectation or belief that they can do so. You may really want to achieve the goal but if you don’t believe its possible you will lose motivation. Examine your goals then work through your beliefs around achieving them. If you find any negative beliefs look at what actions you could take to overcome them and create a positive statement to reflect the new belief. You can then use this as a positive mantra to reinforce the new beliefs in your mind.

4. State

It is said there is no such thing as an unproductive person merely an unproductive state and very few states are more unproductive then not feeling motivated. The short and simple solution is to change your state so for example if you are sitting hunched over your desk staring at a PC screen trying to start writing that presentation and just cant get going, stand up put some music on and shake yourself out or go for a walk round the building.

4. Habits

Develop habits that are consistent and support you in being productive. Rising early and doing 30 minutes meditation or some yoga can be a great way to get your mind and body focused and ready for the day. Plan your day and if you schedule the most challenging tasks for early in the day you’ll find the rest of the day will flow.

5. Just do it!

The most important part of any task is overcoming procrastination and starting it. When you really don’t feel motivated to do this, why not commit yourself to spending just 5 minutes working on your project or goal? Get the books out, turn on the computer or whatever it is you need to do to prepare and just start. You’ll often find that once you start working you get into flow and regain your motivation.